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Return to Gears 5 with the Hivebusters expansion and undertake their first suicide mission. Operation 5, our biggest update, brings five maps, seven new characters, one new weapon and tons of new rewards.

They will showcase unparalleled load-times, visuals, responsiveness, and framerates up to FPS.

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Customize your gaming experience with updated accessibility features, including: full controller remapping, single stick movement, Adaptive Controller support, narrated UI and menus, improved subtitles and more. Her mother, Reyna, was the leader of her isolated Outsider village.

Yet Kait also has deep family ties to the COG: her late father was a widely admired lieutenant colonel during the Pendulum Wars and her uncle, Oscar, was a highly decorated frontline Gear in the early years of the Locust War. Even after her induction into the COG, her true loyalties are unknown, even to her. Del lost both his parents in the difficult aftermath of the Locust War and was siphoned into a boarding school, where he met JD Fenix. Now that he and JD have been reunited, Marcus finds himself once again fighting for the COG, but his frustrations with authority, and conflicts with his son, remain ever present.

Personalize your browser with the Xbox New Tab extension. Get exclusive HD wallpapers from Gears 5 and other Xbox games, and quickly access live streams, official news, and the latest from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Campaign: With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera — herself.

Starting November 10, take your character and weapon skins into new playthroughs and enjoy bonus difficulties and modifiers. PvP: May the best team win!

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With new modes and content since Launch, Versus rewards every competitive style, from casual to pro. PvE: Co-operatively battle to survive. Assemble your squad and hunker down in Horde or push through in Escape. Smart Delivery: Buy a copy of Gears 5 for your console and automatically download the version optimized for your device for free, including for Xbox Series X and S. Three-player Campaign Co-op: Battle alongside your friends in three-player online or split-screen co-op.

Accessibility: Customize your gaming experience with updated accessibility features, including full controller remapping, single stick movement, Adaptive Controller support, narrated UI and menus, improved subtitles and more. Rating Pending. User rating: 3. Gears 5 is completely refreshed. Get the celebrated campaign, recharged multiplayer and Hivebuster campaign expansion as part of the Game of the Year Edition.

Play Gears 5 and over more high-quality games for one low monthly price with Xbox Game Pass. Up to 80 GB of storage required subject to change. Additional storage hardware, broadband ISP fees applyMicrosoft account with Xbox profile may be required for setup, some updates, and features, including retention of some gameplay settings and information xbox. Features, online services, and system requirements vary by country and are subject to change or retirement over time.

Features may vary between Xbox and Windows 10 versions of the game. Live Gold membership sold separately required for online multiplayer on Xbox consoles. Subject to Microsoft Services Agreement at microsoft.

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Games information at xbox. Skip to main content. Trailers and gameplay. Hivebusters Return to Gears 5 with the Hivebusters expansion and undertake their first suicide mission. Operation 5 Hollow Storm is live Operation 5, our biggest update, brings five maps, seven new characters, one new weapon and tons of new rewards.

Gaming that is accessible for all Customize your gaming experience with updated accessibility features, including: full controller remapping, single stick movement, Adaptive Controller support, narrated UI and menus, improved subtitles and more.Our top picks for actors we'd like to see step into the heavy boots of Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War movie.

Prepare for every twist and turn in Gears 5 by learning how to adjust the game's difficulty settings. With Gears 5 releasing on September 6, the question of how to play co-op multiplayer is bound to crop up. Gears 5 offers a few different co-op multiplayer choices depending on what your preferences are.

If your friends are too far away, there are also online multiplayer available which can be played with familiar, or random players. Not only can you play the Campaign in co-op, there are other modes like Horde and Escape available to help you quench your thirst for Gears 5 combat. Starting from the campaign menu, you can either load a current save or start a New Game save file. Next to Player 1, you have two open slots for local co-op. To fill these, have your friends press the Menu button on their controllers, then select their preferred character settings.

You can invite people directly from your friends list to join you in campaign co-op. You can also play modes like Horde and Escape using both local and online co-op. Again, you can invite them directly from your friends list. Finally, Gears 5 also offers a Versus mode. Unlike the Campaign or modes like Horde and Escape though, Versus is a bit more limited in that Ranked and Arcade are based around online co-op. For local co-op, you may need to set your controllers up in Campaign by pressing Menu over an available character slot, confirming, then backing out and returning to the Versus menus.

Are you liking the co-op settings in Gears 5, or are you struggling with the process of setting up local co-op in modes like Horde? Let us know down in the comments below!

Theo is that classic games nerd you bump into at conventions. Yes, he plans to keep all of that merch he's carrying. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality.Bots on hardcore were always crazy to play against, even in older games they sniped you from across the map without aiming. Gears 3 bots were the best. Epic modeled them after actual player profiles, and you could actually tell which difficulty you were playing.

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If you wanted an easy time with slow walking bots to practice on, the lowest difficulty actually felt easy, unlike gears 5 bots. Gears 3 you could play on insane and it felt like a player match. For example… if you got downed by a bot in a casual co op vs AI game, the enemy AI would literally insta kick you if you were in gnasher gib range as you were going DBNO. Literally while you were falling to the ground!!

Other examples were as soon as you went down, if you were in lancer range, the bot would insta-lock on you and lancer you to death, not allowing you to even crawl away or anything. The only thing that was better with the gears 4 bots was the pace at which they moved.

Gears 4 bots would still aim bot lock on and lancer you down from a far distance if you were in the open or even going around cover. When TC removed other starting weapons, it made it less fun, but I think they did so because they knew their aim bot lock on system would be very unfair with a full team of AI shooting players down with hammerbursts or enforcers. You could have a gnasher or sawed off battle. And each level of difficulty that you went up in made them a bit more accurate.

But if there was a title for best bots, gow3 would have it. These devs are clueless. How many people are actually logging into that every day? Get rid of it.

gears 5 co op

Hold on! The bots in Gears 3 are pathetic. When I played private matches in that game, I routinely walked all over the bots on Insane. And I was kinda bad back then.

Just use your chainsaw. Getting rifle versus kills is one of the easiest to get since the chainsaw counts. Give the bots a little face-massage with the Chainsaw. Also counts as AR-kills.

Good luck stealing that kill. Most of the times I just wait around the corner, catching them by surprise! I play it everyday for my dailies… always on beginner. I suck at PVP and have zero interest in facing actual players to get the stars in this mode. Hope it stays.Not if that includes the chance to play the game's campaign in 4-player co-op.

Surely knowing that the question was coming sooner or later, Fergusson confirmed that Gears 5 will NOT have 4-player co-op in Campaign. But the reasons behind the decision may not be what fans expect. For those Gearsheads who may not recall, the role of cooperative campaign evolved along with the franchise: introducing 2-player co-op in Gears of War 2before increasing that to 4-players for the sequel and a maximum of 5 in Horde Mode.

The explanation for the limit is also guaranteed to prove divisive.

Gears 5: How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer (Splitscreen & Online Co-Op)

Some viewed the loss of online group play as a mistake, while others had criticisms of the boosted health and over-sized combat arenas necessitated by four players. But more than anything, the ability to tell a good story has proven the deciding factor:. So the reason And you can take from my hesitation, that I'm not quickly just saying yes.

The issue with 4-player is--I agree with you. I'm a big co-op gamer, and everything I do is co-op based. The problem with four-player co-op is that it's chaos. When you played that Halo experience for the first time, I bet you didn't understand exactly what was going on at all the right times.

gears 5 co op

Because while you're grabbing ammo, somebody's triggering the event that causes the thing There's a technical issue with four-player which is you need much bigger worlds. One of the things you'll notice from Gears 1, 2, and then 3, is that 3 had much bigger levels because, 'Now I've got to find places for four people to take cover. But it's also much more challenging to tell a story. If you watch Gears 3, and you watch the cinematics Like that was one thing I had to work with [Writer Karen Traviss] on, is she just started to do this round robin thing where everybody got one line.

Because you could never have the characters alone. It always had to be four people in a scene, it always had to be four people in a moment.

So all four people expressed an opinion. So when we went back to Gears 4, the first thing we did was we shrank down to two-player co-op.Gears 5 will not feature four-player co-op play for its story campaign. The game will however, feature a new three-player option, with the third player offering a unique spin on asymmetrical cooperation.

The first two entries in the Gears of War series featured two-player co-op that could either be played online or via split-screen. For Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgmentthat story mode was expanded to include four players but still only two for local play. When the series made the jump to the Xbox Onethat number was brought back down to two players, either locally or online, for the first entry from new developer The Coalition previously Black Tusk Studios. While some fans appreciated the more focused nature of two-player co-op, a great many lamented the loss of taking on the epic storyline of the franchise as part of a larger group.

It felt like a step backward. The series staple Horde mode still included options for up to five players, but Horde provides a decidedly different experience from the main story.

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Fans hoping for a return to four-player co-op in Gears 5 are going to be disappointed. Like Gears of War 4 before it, Gears 5 is limiting its co-op story mode to only two regular characters. This was done to keep the narrative focused on its central lead characters, as well as to keep the action from becoming too chaotic. It also changes the gameplay quite a bit, because with four players on foot running around in any direction, a game that's based very clearly on fronts and enemies and cover and ammo scarcity can devolve pretty quickly into a bit of a free-for-all.

With the story squarely focused on Kait Diaz's journey and the trust issues that arise between her and Delmont Walker, The Coalition felt it was best to limit the story mode to fewer players.

Still, the upcoming sequel does support a third player via a unique new mechanic. As Searcy explains it, Gears 5 co-op is " two players, plus a totally new way to play the game. There's still this whole big threat going on, but it's about them dealing with their own thing and having a more intimate story beat in the middle of this big war. While this asymmetrical approach may not appease fans of the four-player insanity of Gears of War 3 and JudgmentGears 5 looks to provide a new twist on co-op play, and it even supports three-player local splitscreen with the feature.

The series has always been at its strong when played in two-player co-op. The classic formula of having one player draw fire while the other goes from cover to cover in search of a flanking position has held strong for well over a decade, and Gears 5 aims to preserve that level of excitement and the idea of closed corridor, more scary segments, while adding the new twist of having a third player as JACK - a unit that brings an RPG element and upgrade path with abilities to the campaign he's also playable in Horde!

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How to play co-op multiplayer in Gears 5

Follow and engage with him on Twitter ZakWojnar. By Zak Wojnar Aug 30, Share Share Tweet Email 0.Now, it's possible that the third player will occasionally play as a human character. It's also possible that the third player will always be controlling a third character and Jack will just be an option for anyone playing.

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Most articles we were able to find on the matter just mention the 3-player co-op campaign in passing, and none offer specifics as to who the third person will be playing as in the campaign. The game itself is set to launch next month, with Game Pass Ultimate subscribers able to jump in on the action four days early on September 6. The new Escape Mode is also limited to just three players, but other modes, like Horde and Versus, support more. Source: Xbox. Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since Having written thousands of game reviews and articles over the course of his career, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many games as possible.

Dalton covers the latest breaking news for Game Rant, as well as writes reviews, guide content, and more. By Dalton Cooper Aug 09, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Dalton Cooper Articles Published Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since Gears 5 follows the story set up by Gears of War 4 and continues to follow Kait.

Jack is a little Robot that can be very useful to any squad in Gears 5. He has a variety of abilities that can be split up into three categories: Passive, Support, and Assault. They allow him to do things like heal other players in your squad, create temporary one-way shields, and place shock traps.

To select him, head to the campaign lobby and select your character with the left analog stick. Not every character can be used in every chapter, so take that into account when jumping into co-op to play as someone or something in particular. For example, Dave is only playable in the first chapter of the campaign, being replaced by Jack for the rest of it.

For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Gears 5 wiki guide or search for Twinfinite. We have also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below. Connect with us. In short, You can only play as Jack in co-op and not in the first chapter of the campaign, where he is replaced by Dave. When in the lobby, select him by cycling though the characters that are available using the RB and LB buttons.

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Gears 5 - The Full 3 Player Campaign Experience.

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