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In her ruling, Judge Chantal Masse wrote that the curfew poses a threat to the health and safety of the homeless, as many hide from police to avoid fines during the hours the curfew is in effect and that many fear contracting COVID in homeless shelters.

montreal hostage situation ctv

On Wednesday morning, the Quebec government said they don't intend to challenge the ruling. We'd like to encourage them to come in off the street. Ultimately, that's what's going to help them get back into permanent housing. Masse further noted that many of the province's homeless don't have access to shelter for a variety of reasons and of those who do, are unable to stay in the shelters during the curfew hours. Premier Francois Legault has repeatedly defended not giving the homeless an exemption to the curfew, saying he believed police would use discretion in not handing out fines.

But Masse wrote in her ruling that evidence showed tickets were given to the homeless regardless. Native Women's Shelter Executive Director Nakuset said the ruling "means that people are free to freeze to death after 8. If you're homeless, you can wander the streets by yourself. Now, with this exemption, it's more like a tap in the face, because the problem is still there.

Ubisoft hostage situation interrupts November Six Major

Nakuset that even after the ruling, that plan would still move forward. The case was brought by the Mobile Legal Clinic, which provides legal services to the homeless. Donald Tremblay, one of the clinic's lawyers, said they could not comment on particulars, but did say the clinic is "very happy the rights and the well-being of homeless people in Quebec were taken into consideration through the judgment that was rendered today. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante also welcomed the ruling, saying on Twitter that the decision "will make life easier for people experiencing homelessness and for those working in the field who support them.

Montreal's homeless shelters have been the sites of several outbreaks of the virus. The curfew is in effect from 8 p. A homeless man sleeps in downtown Montreal. Related Stories Lawyers fight to lift Quebec's curfew measures for homeless people. Open Door shelter allowed to reopen overnight in wake of man's death in Montreal. Montreal homeless advocates hope to have warming tent up in Cabot Square by Friday.

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Quebec will not appeal court's curfew suspension for the province's homeless

Emotional vigil for mosque shooting. Caught on cam: Escaped inmates captured on a field in Ariz. Montreal Top Stories. Man charged with attempted murder for alleged involvement in violent traffic stop in Montreal. Virtually normal: Montreal student tries to contact his online prof, only to learn he's dead.A false hostage threat in central Montreal on Friday led to a major police operation, the evacuation of dozens of people, a rare 'Code Orange' preparation at a local hospital and the lockdown of a daycare.

Staff were escorted out of the Montreal headquarters of video-game company Ubisoft, including some people who had been waiting on the building's roof, after what police later confirmed was an unfounded hostage threat.

Montreal Hostage-taking ends, suspect surrenders

Friday, more than five hours after a major police operation got underway in the central Mile End neighbourhood. For most of the day, police didn't confirm the nature of the call they had received when they first arrived around p.

Laurent Blvd. Viateur St. The operation involved a heavy use of police resources, aside from other disruptions, including the "code orange" preparation put into place at a downtown hospital -- a very rare warning used in cases where there may be mass casualties.

The scene unfolded for hours as reporters watched police enter the building and then, several hours later, as people began to be escorted out. A Ubisoft employee told CTV News that in a company memo, employees at the office were asked to hide in a room or area that could be locked, to put their phones on silent, and to keep quiet.

Police said at about that no injuries had been reported, and soon after, they said that no threat has been identified "for now. Also around p. Police were seen on the roof and people were spotted with their hands up as they left the roof, one by one.

Many of those evacuated came out of a front door in the building and were walked up St. Laurent to another location. Many were taken to a police bus to warm up. CTV reporters could see about six groups escorted out, all of them seeming calm and relaxed, with people walking slowly. The operation continued for more than three hours, however, with police continuing to check the building.

At the time, police still weren't saying what kind of threat they'd received. Atthey confirmed that the operation was complete and that there was no threat -- but that a call had come in about "a hostage-taking in an office building on Saint-Laurent St. Police are asking anyone with information about the unfounded call to get in touch with police. A spokesperson for the McGill University Health Centre, a major hospital system downtown that includes several sites, confirmed Friday evening that it had called a pre-Code Orange over the threat at the Montreal General Hospital.Update - p.

The SPVM is currently validating information and more details will follow.

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At p. A video shared on Twitter shows armed police taking cover behind a police vehicle at the intersection where the street is blocked off earlier in the after noon. The building houses several other businesses in addition to Ubisoft. Journal de Montreal is reporting that a possible hostage situation involving dozens of people is ongoing in the Ubisoft building.

Many Ubisoft Montreal employees are still working from home as a result of the ongoing pandemic, three sources told Kotaku. An investigation will follow regarding the call behind this important police force deployment. Corky Lee, photographer who chronicled Asian American community, dies at 73 of coronavirus.

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Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I'm already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. Privacy Statement. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window.We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. A major police operation for a possible hostage situation at the game producer's office concluded with local media reporting the police were investigating the incident as a hoax.

Local media later reported that the emergency call that prompted the operation was potentially a hoax. Officers had been sent to the location after a emergency call, and no injuries have been reported.

Police Evacuate Ubisoft Montreal HQ Amid Hostage Rumors, Say No Actual Threat Identified [Update]

Aerial footage taken by the Quebec French-news chain LCN showed people gathered on the rooftop terrace of the building, along with heavy objects left at the door to block it. Meanwhile, a Ubisoft employee told CTV News station in Canada that employees at the office were instructed via a company memo to hide in an area that locks and to keep quiet.

Ubisoft employee Eric Pope tweeted later in the evening he is "thankful to hear everyone is safe. This article has been updated to reflect that the police operation ended and an investigation into a possible hoax has begun.

montreal hostage situation ctv

More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. News Police end operation at Ubisoft office in Montreal, media report hoax A major police operation for a possible hostage situation at the game producer's office concluded with local media reporting the police were investigating the incident as a hoax.

Date News Coronavirus digest: France bans all travelers from outside EU 0m ago.

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Poland: Thousands protest against abortion law for third straight night 3h ago. Man finds gold coins in Germany, but reward unlikely 5h ago. Germany: Calls for cardinal to release report on sexual abuse of minors 7h ago. DW News on Facebook Staff at a computer games firm in the Canadian city were told to hide and lock themselves away as police surrounded the area following a hoax call. Footage from the scene shows dozens of people crowding on a rooftop.

CBC reported that the door to the roof had been barricaded. This is a developing story. A major police operation unfolding in Montreal. Picture: The Dave Kaufman Show. Dozens of workers at a computer games firm fled during a major police operation in the Canadian city of Montreal which had been reported as a potential hostage situation. Ubisoft is a major developer of computer games including Assassin's Creed. Ubisoft's Montreal office where the police operation unfolded. It was kicked off by a call to the emergency services with officers arriving around 1.

A SWAT truck was dispatched to the area. However, Montreal Police have now said a hoax call was made to leading to the operation. The specifics of the hoax remain unclear.

montreal hostage situation ctv

An Ubisoft employee told TV channel CTV that employees at the office were asked to hide in an area that locks, to put their phones on silent, and to keep quiet. No threat has been identified for now. We are currently evacuating the building. Employee Hugo Lefevre said he had just returned from lunch when a rumour started spreading through the building that there was a potential hostage situation in the building, reported newspaper The Globe and Mail.

He said at first he thought it might be a prank, but then he was met at the door by police with weapons drawn. Log in Sign up. Log out. Benedict Brook BenedictBrook.Travellers will be required to take PCR test and quarantine at their own expense.

The police operation in connection with a hostage taking call is over. No threat has been detected and no injuries are reported. An investigation will follow to shed light on the call behind this important police force deployment.

At around p. EST on Friday, reports surfaced that multiple suspects were holding dozens of people hostage in the St-Laurent Blvd building, while some employees managed to escape to the roof, where they barricaded the door. A heavy police presence set up a perimeter at the corner of St-Viateur Street and St-Laurent Blvd, but they did not confirm at the time if they were dealing with a hostage situation.

There were also ambulances, a police armoured vehicle and a tactical squad on scene. Along with Ubisoft, the building hosts several other small offices. Sources from inside the building allege this apparent hostage situation was a false alert. On the ground for WestphalianNews ubisoft Montreal pic.

China should boost efforts to protect online users against breaches of privacy and bids to steer web traffic by tightening regulations on the use of algorithms by internet platforms, state newspaper the People's Daily said. The comments in the ruling Communist Party's official newspaper follow criticism this month by the China Consumers Association aimed at internet companies that misuse personal data and "bully" people into purchases and promotions.

Algorithms can cut costs by matching needs to services, but some platforms infringe consumer rights by "improper application of algorithms" to invade privacy and direct web use, the paper said in an editorial on Thursday. An online video made by jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny alleging that Vladimir Putin is the ultimate owner of an opulent palace, something the president denies, has now been viewed more than million times, YouTube data showed on Friday.

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Navalny, who is serving a day jail stint for parole violations he says are trumped up, released the video last week in an effort to encourage people to take to the streets to demand his freedom.

Navalny's allies are continuing to promote the video to try and mobilise people to protest, this time on Sunday. Mike Dunleavy said he will support gaming as a way to generate revenue amid persistent budget deficits and laid out ideas to help the state become more self sufficient, including seeking opportunities to develop renewable energy projects.

The Republican, in his State of the State speech Thursday, spoke in broad strokes about some of his ideas to build and boost sectors of the economy. He said his administration would make it easier for farmers to secure land with fewer regulations and that he would begin discussions to see what pharmaceuticals the state could produce on its own.

Dunleavy, whose idea for creating a statewide lottery failed to gain traction during the pandemic-shortened legislative session last year, did not say what type of gaming legislation he would support. The speech was unusual, delivered in Anchorage rather than before a joint session of the Legislature in Juneau, as is custom.A hostage-taking in a Montreal-area bank has ended more than eight hours after it began, with the armed suspect surrendering himself to police.

A year-old man emerged from the bank late Thursday afternoon, following lengthy negotiations with police. Nobody was injured during the incident at the Laurentian Bank in Longueuil, just south of Montreal.

Five people managed to get out of the bank over a period of several hours.

Montreal - Major police operation after swatting / Opération policière majeure chez Ubisoft

At one point, police brought in an armoured car and set up a security perimeter near the building. Police evacuated homes and businesses in the area, and cordoned off streets within a one-kilometre radius of the bank.

Police, concerned than anyone inside the bank could have been watching live news reports on television, refused to provide any details or confirm a hostage situation. The last hostage second left released from a hostage-taking at a bank near Montreal stands handcuffed in Longueil, Quebec on Thursday, July 5, The incident began around 9 a. Three female employees left at about a.

The last hostage left the bank around p. Police have not specified the type of weapon used by the suspect. Local police then handed control of the situation over to Quebec provincial police.

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No shots were reported. TV footage showed heavily armed officers with flak jackets in the secured area outside the bank. Don't Miss false. Duchess of Cambridge: Lockdown parenting is 'exhausting'. Bieber's steamy new music video features wife Hailey.

montreal hostage situation ctv

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Air Transat announces temporary layoffs after federal travel restrictions. Ottawa, Canadian airlines agree to suspend flights to Caribbean and Mexico. Hudson's Bay permanently laying off more than workers across Canada.

China executes former head of state-owned asset management company.